Book Review: Daughters in Danger

book daughters in danger
Daughters in Danger
Helping Our Girls Thrive in Today's Culture
By Elayne Bennett

Girls and young women today face more threats than ever before. Our postmodern hyper-sexualized society has become increasingly complex, corrupt and confusing - urging girls to become self-sufficient while eroding their intrinsic worth at every turn - and its snare all too often trap those who lack a solid foundation. Despite a multitude of laws, policies, and programs ostensibly designed to protect them historically high numbers of girls suffer from anxiety, sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, bullying harassment drug abuse alcoholism dating violence and untold other stresssors that often catch their parents completely blind. Elayne Bennett enters the fray with a voice of hard-won wisdom to proclaim: We can, we mush, do better by our daughters. Through an engaging narrative peppered with ancient wisdom and common-sense observations Bennett first awakens and then emboldens and finally inspires to action not only parents but all of use who care about reversing the destructive course that has hurt far too many of our daughters. 

Elayne Bennett serves as the founder and director of the Best Friends Foundation and is an avid spokeswoman on issues of adolescent behavior and development. She was honored with the prestigious Jefferson Award for National Public Service and John Carroll Society Award, the William E. Simon Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship and the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award. She is a member of the Ethics, Religion and Public Policy task force to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. She is the wife of William J Bennett and the mother of two sons.

As a person who is just out of, or still in depending on what your definition is of a young woman, I know all too well about the troubles girls face. I mean I've read books before like the Dude's Guide to Manhood and Clean the Proven Plan for Men that face the full issues of being male, but Daughters in Danger is the first I've read that isn't focused on maintaing purity like Sex and the Single Christian Girl and I have to say this book is amazing. It goes into things like depression and anxiety and how you as a parent or someone who is involved in the live of a young girl can help.

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