Big Hair Family Christmas

House with a gate
 I know I say that I'm an everyday blogger, and I realize that I didn't blog yesterday, but Big Hair and I actually had a pretty big not really "fight", but emotional talking time. It all ended up okay, and today I went to his family Christmas event at his grandparents. I've met them before, once actually at my dream girl's graduation. But they did seem very nice. So although I thought Christmas would be a little awkward, I didn't mind going, especially since that meant hang out time with Big Hair.

This is what their house looked like when we pulled up. Well, the gate anyway. The outside reminds me of me of miniature Mediterranean castle, its all this yellow, off white stone, and the yard is tree lined (as you might know I love trees). Once we came in after a few awkward conversations that I had to listen through, Big Hair's father took me on a tour of the house.

In the basement there's a panic room, which I really wanted to see but it was closed, of course. Instead I saw the work out/game room and basketball court. There's a small kitchen with an awesome retro refrigerator. Upstairs, on the main floor, is the kitchen, of course it is large although every thing is completely covered (you know that wood treatment thing) so I'm not sure how you'd ever find the refrigerator if you're drunk, and a nice piano that I considered stealing, along with the pingpong table. And the view out the windows, of which there seemed to be more of than walls was super pretty. Just lots of trees, which is super fancy considering how close to the city they live. 

Although Big Hair likes to say his grandparents are "rich" I don't know that I'd say that. They have money, quite a bit I'd say, but nothing was over the top, or looked like it had been bought simply because it was expensive. The furniture looked like it was at most Ethan Allen pricing (not to say it looked cheap) and they had a simple tile throughout the whole home. I will admit though, that I have the slight urge to find their architect and make him king of house designing. 
present from grandparents
 After lunch, where the silverware was all labeled, and there were no steak knives (maybe because his grandmother had anticipated violence), Big Hair and I went downstairs to play basketball, and then pingpong and shuffleboard, roll around on an exercise ball , and then some more pingpong since I'm a pro at that, it was time to go. So we told everyone bye (making sure to leave before they played the silly games) and then found Big Hair's grandmother who gave us presents. She gave me money and then this necklace and earrings set. It's a little awkward getting presents from someone you don't know but how can I turn down money and and adorable owl set. Of course however I wish I'd gotten something for them and feel a little rude not. 
owl necklace and earrings from macy's
We then had to say bye to Big Hair's grandfather, which I reminded him to do. I'm not sure he would have otherwise. But it took us forever to find him. We tried going down and then up a few different staircases with no luck, and that's when we tried the study which is sort of hidden away where he was in a business meeting with his son in law and accountant. If only I had that sort of work ethic. 

Overall I had a nice time at their family Christmas event. Having to stand there though some of Big Hair's family conversations was kind of boring, but the food was great and I loved hanging out with Big Hair. Plus, I discovered a new sport for me, pingpong. And since I always have a curiosity about other people's houses (not in a dangerous way) it was fun to see.

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