Big Hair and I FaceTime

talking via web cam
Today is Wednesday, a day that you may think of as my study day (if you are on the up and up about my schedule) but, not only is it a day for school work, its also for talking to Big Hair. This is the second time that we've used this whole FaceTime thing, and our second week in a row of talking and I have to say I prefer the whole video thing over simply talking.

 Although I have to admit its quite distracting. I feel like I spend at least have the time looking at my face instead of Big Hair's. If he notices it, I'm sure my boyfriend thinks its because I'm self absorbed, but its not I promise! I'm doing more of a self monitoring thing to make sure I'm not making one of these faces. He probably doesn't even notice though.

Anyway, during our phone conversation I learned two things. An idea for a Big Hair present, and what picture to use for my online dating profile. I also tried to get information about how to make it up to him for accusing him of things.  That didn't go all that well though, because he didn't seem to see any problem. But I still feel really bad, so I guess I'll have to come up with something on my own. Oh yeah and I suggested a present for him to get me, the Glow in the Dark Pillow Pet, but they're like $40 which is a little too much for a stuffed animal in my opinion.

Now I'm off to go study some more for my one important final, calculus. I'll admit, I haven't done as much as I wish I would have but its so boring. But I have until 3:30, so there's still hope!
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