Baking Christmas Cookies, and Going to the Doctor

Hanna Marie Lei
Yesterday morning I woke up around nine, pretty early for a girl who just started winter break, and played around on the computer for a bit.  Then around ten I realized that I had to be at my grandparents by noon to help with my Grandmother's annual all day baking day. So, realizing no one would take me I had to drive myself there. Driving anywhere is very stressful for me, because even though I have my drivers license  I don't actually know how to drive. Getting to my grandparents is especially stressful though because all of the traffic.

I did end up making it though, twenty minutes early actually, but when I got there their friend was over. As he was leaving my grandmother said something about us making cookies, and he told her she should make cabbage too. I took this as him being mildly racist, because my grandmother is a German, and as it turns out I was wrong because he had brought over cabbage to give to them. 

For the next 4 hours we worked on making Little Sugar Breads  until my mother came to pick me up for my doctors appointment. I'm glad she came when she did, because by that time I was about all out patience for those silly cookies. After waiting an hour at the doctor's office he finally saw me, and let me tell you, he looked terrible, so I guess my day could have been worse. 

Today though, I was able to laze around a bit, until the evening when I went out and got all the supplies for baking gift baskets for my grandparents. So tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment, and then a whole night of cooking, but at least my boyfriend is going to help me.

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