2013 Christmas Presents From My Parents

2013 Christmas Haul
 I've already talked about what I received from my boyfriend for Christmas, which were things that I opened two days before Christmas, and today on Christmas I woke up and opened the presents my parents gave me. Since I'm not a young thing any more I didn't wake up early to do this, and to tell the truth my parents had to convince me to come down. Of course before I get into the things that I bought I have to add the disclaimer that I'm not bragging in any way, and am just excited about what I've gotten. If you don't like that then you don't have to read this post. 
gold tiffany bow earrings
 My favorite present and my "big present" of the year, in my 2012 Christmas Presents  was the Mac Book that I'm currently using to write this post. This year though I opted for a piece of jewelry and if you remember my story from an earlier post, that piece was almost exactly like the one my boyfriend bought me, so I had to go back and buy something else. In the end it worked out fine for me because not only did I get a pretty pearl and silver necklace, but I also ended up with these Tiffany's gold earrings. 
clothing haul
 Then there are a few different clothing pieces that my parents gave to me. A heart cardigan that should go with about anything, a bustier that I need to find a black jacket for that's from White House Black Market, a shiny tank from BCBG, and bright blue shorts from Michael Kors. I picked all of these out myself so of course I love them.
haul from Christmas
 Here are two surprise presents that I got and love. A monkey stocking cap, since I do like being like a five year old I was very excited about it. So excited that I wore it while I opened up the rest of my presents, and I forgot to take it off for the main photo of my presents. The gloves are texting gloves, and although I wasn't that impressed when I opened the I am now that I've tried them out.
Christmas Present games
 Then here are the games that I received for Christmas, a Monkey Fist kind of thing that I have to make, and then will of course have to blog about. That is if it actually gets done. I have mixed feelings about this present. Then there is the new Xbox Kinect game that I was given. I have a strange feeling that this might be because my parents, mother actually thinks I'm getting a little chubby.
underwear from Victoria's secret
 Up next is the Victoria's Secret Haul that I did. I bought all of these myself, although my mother did go with me, and would have done a good job on her own. I love all the colors that I was able to find, and even with my odd size I didn't have a hard time finding things for me. I do wish though I had brought along one of their coupons for a free bag.
2013 stocking haul
 The first thing that I opened were the presents that were in my Christmas Stocking. I love all the food things that I was given, but hate them at the same time. I mean, I'm going to have to stop myself from eating them all at the same time, or else I'll be a fatty. I also love the cookies to make and the little crafts because they'll give me something to write about.
food that I was given
 Here's the food snacks that I was given. Even more things than what are in my stocking. I think though that I'll be able to share these with my family so it won't be so bad. Plus I know I don't like those sno caps, and the rice popped bagged snacks are still iffy. I do have to say I love the combos roll ups and sticks. The most unhealthy ones of course.
things from kohl's for Christmas
Last there is my Kohls Christmas Haul. All of these items were a surprise to me, and other than those silly denim pants I loved it. I also realized that the Lady Gaga perfume that I bought is no where to be found in any of my pictures although it did come from Kohls. 

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