With Big Hair, I'm Happy

Hanna Marie Lei
 So I know I talked about how I wasn't the happiest with Big Hair, but after spending the day with him I of course was very happy with him. I mean how can you not be, he's the most awesome awesome ever. I think I'll end up doing a whole post about it, but for now, I'll admit that I was way overreacting. Oh and that above picture, wearing my purple bow sweater  isn't from the day, but rather earlier in the week, because date I forgot to take pictures of us on my phone, but when I sent some pictures to him yesterday he said this was his favorite so I figured it'd be nice to add. But about my date.

Call time was eight a.m. which surprisingly was my boyfriend's idea. When he first came over my dog ran outside, in the freezing cold weather so I had to go get her. Then we looked at some packages I had gotten and took a nap. I originally was the one who suggested it, but Big Hair was the one that fell asleep first and slept the longest.
dairy queen kids ice cream
 When I was able to finally get the Big Hair up we went to dairy queen to get food. For some reason he didn't want to eat in, but at my house instead. I got a chili cheese dog, french fries, and this awesome ice-cream that's chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. When I was little it was my absolute favorite. Oh and if you look closely you can tell my nails aren't painted. But I'm planning on changing that tomorrow.

Then we slept some more. Which wasn't my idea! But it was fine. When we woke up we made coffee and tea and just hung out watching Doctor Phil with a crazy woman on his show. Then my mother came home a brought us a frozen pizza because the Big Hair was too picky for the food at my house. 
for a two year old present
After dinner before he had to leave, due to a silly  video thing, we went to walmart to do some shopping. Last year since Thanksgiving was earlier I was able to do shopping for my cousins's kids in a Walmart Black Friday Haul style, but this year I couldn't. I didn't realize how hard shopping was for a 2 year old and a 4 year old before this. But I ended up liking what I got, a pretty sweatshirt for the four year old, and a super annoying alphabet toy for the two year old because of course you have to get the loudest thing you can for a small child. 
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