Where did you go Engineering Teacher

mechanical engineering equations
 Since I was going to do this whole post about my school day yesterday, when my rant about sponsorship got in the way, I decided I could do it today. So you weren't saved from hearing about my school day, just delayed. That's good right? Well my day started out pretty normal, but because for whatever reason I have so much school work going on these next few days I got started on some of it before class. I was sitting there trying my best but for some reason, I just couldn't figure out the engineering problem on my homework, and I was too lazy to put the effort into working on the next one. 

So I went to go see my professor about it (the same class that I made a tower in), because the last time I went to see him he was super helpful. Actually he pretty much did half of the problems for me, and completely explained the rest. Nice because he doesn't hardly explain anything in class. More of a "Okay kids, go have fun now" attitude. So I packed up all my things headed over to where his office is walking through the rain, and he wasn't there. It was his office hours.

So I went to the common area of that building, and got something from the vending machine and began to work on my math school work. As I was just starting, someone I knew came over and then another person too, so I didn't get as much done as I had liked, about 30 minutes later I went back by my professor's office, because it still was office hours and he wasn't there. I did see him and some else's office, but I wasn't shameless enough to ask for help then.

weddings catered by KFC
After getting home, I went with my mother to go shopping for shampoos and such, a haul in the future, and then we headed out to dinner. KFC was the closest place, and while waiting in line, I saw that they had a catering service, one that does weddings! This seemed so perfect for my dream girl who's getting engaged, so of course I had to let her know about it. She however was not impressed. 
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