What was in my Christmas Stocking

what was in a a christmas stocking
 You might have seen my sewing a Christmas stocking guide that I posted yesterday and so on Christmas it was finally time to use that stocking. This stocking isn't quite as big as the one I had last year, and I'll admit that is a little sad, but I still ended up with a lot of cute things inside. These aren't "expensive" presents but rather silly things, some of which I need, but most of which are just cute.
things I was given for Christmas
For the food items, there are Reuses peanut butter cups, so I can get fat, slim jims that will probably be finished by tonight and Betty Crocker Peanut butter cookie mix to make, since I'm trying to be a pro baker one day. There were also these chocolate filled crackers from but I ate them all before the picture time.

Then there is a knife like thing for me to use as a hope chest present, I don't particularly like the beading, a pin cushion craft, bobby pins that I really needed, and two fancy ones that I have no idea how they work but I'll probably do a blog review once I figure it out.

Then there are the random things, like a kitty note card holder, pencils and sand art craft thing that I have no idea what to do with. I will admit though the water gun is funny because Big Hair received one quite similar. Except mine is a submachine gun where his was a pistol, so I automatically win.

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