What I Gave at my Little Grandparents Christmas

cheap present for adults

christmas presents for a four year old

 I already talked about how it went at my Little Grandparents Christmas, and also showed you what I was given, but I didn't show you what I had other people. To tell the truth I only have pictures of two of the presents that I gave, but as a family, my parents and I, we did give quite a bit more so I figure I should talk about that. I mean I don't want you thinking I give my boyfriend nice Christmas presents and then junk for everyone else. 

First up is the hot chocolate set. It was a super cheap present, and my cousin and her husband liked it quite well. The mugs were about 10 cents each on clearance and then I just added a box of hot chocolate and candy canes and put it all in a nylon basket. Originally this basket was going to have another Christmas use but since that didn't work out.

Then there are the presents that I have to my cousin's kid. I gave her a coloring book, because who doesn't love to color, and some crayons to go with it. There are also really cute band aids that I also received as a part of my Christmas Presents. The more expensive present was the bead dot craft, that I'm not exactly sure how it works.

For the other people, another cousin of mine received a pretty shirt and the rest just got gift cards. My grandparents were given a heated blanket for their bed, as well as slippers and chocolate. My aunt and uncle were give of course a gift card.

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