Village Life on Facebook Problems

my village on Facebook
Awhile back I talked about how I was addicted to farmville, and that I felt like I had to play everyday. Well lately there's been a new Facebook game that's gotten my attention, actually two, but one story at a time. Village Life. A long time ago I used to play this on the computer. I never had the computer game, but I did the whole free trial thing, that may or may not have given my viruses for downloading it. Oh well that computer is long gone now. Anyways, I really loved playing the game even though it was super tedious and time consuming and when I saw that Facebook had a version I started playing instantly.

You start out with a married couple as well as a teenager, mine was a boy but I'm not sure that's always the case, and then you make them do stuff. They'll build you houses, fire pits, storage places get food materials, these people literally do it all. The food along with a few items that you can make, and weddings bring happiness. This helps you to level up, and get coins, which are useless, and get these gem things that will speed up your activities. The best way to get the happiness I've found is to have your villager get married. 

I've upgraded the houses to their full extent as well as getting a ton of happiness items, and upgraded the storage areas fires, water things, and more a little bit. I'm on the third generation of one family so I think I can accurately say what the problems with the game are. Its not as bad as the new running with friends but still quite a few things I don't like.

First I don't feel like there are enough things to make the people do in the game. The only thing you can control is if they work. I'd like to be able to move them around and tell them when to eat. The big problem though is that there are barely any available people for marriage. You just have to wait around and they all get picked so fast that sometimes my people will be in their late twenties before I can get them a date. Then when its time to get married the person is never accepts. 

The big problem though is that I play too much. Which wouldn't be so bad except I realize in the meantime that I'm not doing anything substantial with my life. 
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