Trail 10 in Brown County

I started my Sunday out bright an early, forcing Big Hair to come over at the usual time of eight a.m. Unlike usual he was right on time, normally he comes 10 minutes earlier. I guess though I can't be too mad, because he did have to work late last night, and didn't get home until midnight.  It was pretty clear to me he was tired, because after a few minutes of being at my house he decided to take a nap (and since I was tired too, I didn't mind). When he woke up I almost immediately started pestering him with silly questions.

All of these came from a Christian Book that I have to review, something similar to True Love Dates, that provides questions to ask the boy (or man!) in your life before getting too serious about him. The first was about children. I told him I want 47, and he said zero. I think we'll be able to compromise in the mid to high twenties. Then I asked him to marry me, and he didn't seem to think it was a good idea until he was out of school, which is fine because somewhere along the line I plan on tricking him into going on a trip to Vegas with me. The last question was about faith, and being the atheist he is, he didn't even respond to me. So... Overall he failed my book's test, and became afraid for what I have planned in his future. I however had a fantastic time seeing him struggle.

Shocked Blond girl

Hanna Marie's boyfriend
We then headed to Brown County and decided on trail number 10. Its right next to this big look out tower that has a ton of stairs to climb. We hadn't really planned on this trail, and didn't think it would be too bad since the last time we went to Brown County the trail we took wasn't bad at all. This one however ended up being way too much for us, partially because it was just hard, and partially because we're out of shape. 

It all started out fine, a group of people were in front of us and the trail wasn't too tough. I had actually been on it before and remembered liking it. Not very far in the group in front of us turned back, and shortly there after we reached a little rest house where you could have a fire and a picnic. Leaving there we saw an older man and his dog approaching and when the dog saw us it starting running, up hill, to see us. We talked to the man and petted his dog and headed on our way.

That's when things started to get tiring. We saw so many pretty things, but it seemed like the trail would never end. Twice we though the end was right around the corner, when we we still had a long way to go. The hills though were the worst part, very numerous and very steep. I actually tripped and fell once, but the Big Hair picked me up and saved me.

After we finally finished the trail, we headed to the car where I looked at the map to see how long our trail was. 2.2 miles on rugged terrain. The roughest, on the scale. Which is a lesson to always check things out before you get started, because at one point I was sure we were going to have to stay the night out there.

pictures of brown county state park

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