Tiffany's Blue Book Favorites

items at Tiffany & Co
Its that time of year again that Tiffany's comes out with its Blue Book full of their top of the line jewelry  pieces. Last year I did a post about my favorites from Tiffany's  and since that post was so popular I decided I should do another one this year. As a big asterisk this isn't affordable, or even wearable, not in my life anyways, but rather jewelry designs that I think are beautiful. Kind of like looking at fancy art. 

The top right necklace, and the fish bracelet below it are both asian inspired pieces. The necklace is gold and rubes and is a shell design, although the colors are clearly Chinese lucky. The fish reminds me a little of a of a dragon and features diamonds, sapphires, and gold. 

The other necklaces, excluding the pear one, are mostly made up of diamonds. I love the both of the ones featuring only white diamonds, but the ones with moons and stars is my favorite, although its probably the less usable one. The present one is so Tiffany's that I can't help but like it, although if it were the Tiffany's Blue it'd be a better representation of a Tiffany's Box

Then there are those rings. I absolutely loved the 1.8 million dollar one that was a part of their collection last year (its no longer available) but the ones from this year's blue book are also so pretty. My favorite is the vintage style ring with the pink stone center and white diamonds all around it. Its a clear shout out to the Victorian era.

Ending with all those bracelets, the art deco black enamel and white diamond one stood out to me most, that was until I saw the flower one. At first with all its tiny intricate stones it seemed like more of a ring, and either way its beautiful. Oh and that multicolored bracelet isn't really my favorite, but it reminded my of a nightlight my cousin had when we were little so I had to add it to my list. Since it can't be on a list of its own there's also that headband that I featured in the Great Gatsby Outfit Post
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