Thursday Thanksgiving 2013

cuddling cat
 This Thanksgiving, I went to my Big Grandparents house on the actual day. Its a silly story why I call them that, but a little funny considering size wise they're actually the small set of grandparents that I have. That morning, I really did not want to get up, my father and took my covers as well as my pillows to get me up, so the whole ride between my napping I was holding a grudge against him. When I got there Moe the Friendly Cat  was there to greet me, so even though it was freezing and I wanted to go in I felt obligated to stay out there and pet her for a little while.
Mouse toy out of wood
 Then when I was with my grandfather he kept teasing me that there were probably mice up in the Chest that I was making  because its been so long since we worked on it. Which by the way totally isn't my fault. So we went up there to take a look, at the time I was a little curious why, and there was really a mouse in it. Not a really one though but instead one that he made for me. In its hands is a little note asking if I'll take him home. I was so shocked that he even thought to make this for me, and to be honest it made my day. Soon you'll be seeing how to stain your mouse and as well as how to add eyes and whiskers. 

I convinced my mother to go outside with me and record a video as well as take a few pictures of my new High Low Ombre Purple Sweater because I figured for my first youtube video the trees would be a nice background. Since I had to take my coat off to do it, I was just a little cold.
iced tea with raspberry
 For my drink of the day, it did actually last the whole time we were there, I had this Arizona Iced tea with Raspberry, and it was quite good. We had more of a lunch then dinner, it was planned for 1:00. My cousin and his family, who think they're the princesses or something were an hour late and we waited half an hour on them before giving up and starting without them. A few of us were a little annoyed. Then it was present time for all the people who had birthdays that month, and my cousin and his wife brought a cake for their two year old daughter, remember the present I got her yesterday. It wasn't for anyone else in the family with birthdays that month, and everyone only sang for her... She is having a full birthday party next week that the whole family was invited to, so I didn't really get it but she is cute so maybe that's why.
mess kids make
This last picture is just of one of the girls' shoe and their doll. Its kind of funny how within a few hours they can be visiting somewhere and scatter stuff everywhere. After the daughters (and my mother) did the clean up we went to feed the chickens and left pretty early. We might have actually been the first people to go. 
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