The Balloon and Paper Plate Aircraft

Hanna Marie Lei
 With that whole daylight savings time thing going on when I left for school in the morning it was completely light out, which was a big difference from the darkness last week. I was a little later for school, but still the first one to class. Part of that though is because almost no one shows up (okay like 2/3 of the class does), We had a lecture passed back quizzes, 100%!, and watched a video about people being crimes they didn't commit. It was a little side. 

Next instead of taking my nap I almost always do after class, I went to the Engineering and Technology Building to check my email, hoping that my teacher had emailed me back since he wasn't there for office hours and he did, saying he'd be there until 11:30. So I went to see him, and of course he explained everything really well.

Then before it was time to go to my engineering class I sat in one of the comfy seats and talked to the other kid sitting there. He's a grade above me, and we have a few common friends but I wouldn't call us friends, because I don't really know him. He did keep trying to get me to be a student council person, and although he made it sound fun I don't believe it.
hovercraft project
Then before class I let a few people copy off me, and explained a little bit of it to them. We had a speaker for class, and by accident my teacher sounded extremely sexist. He asked the woman about it being harder because she was a woman, and it all came out wrong, and the academic advisor for engineering apologized to us saying "he just doesn't word things right sometimes" and "he didn't mean it that way" which if you knew him you'd know he was just trying to encourage the other girl and I.

After the speaker, the fun came, like when we built the tower in engineering this time though we were trying to build a vehicle with the most air resistance. My groups won again, but the teacher wasn't impressed by anyones. The whole balloon thing made it really hard, because they really don't do what you want. After class we all worked on homework for the next class, math, and then went to that teachers office in a group of three to ask about it. 
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