Review: Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls Nail Polish

Wet n Wild Nail enamel Diving for pearls
 Here's the Wet n Wild Speed Dry Diving for Pearls Nail polish, that I'm reviewing. I've already done a review over Gray's Anatomy by Wet n Wild  which I liked pretty well. I also like this nail polish a lot. I will admit though sometimes I'm not the best photo taker, and I didn't even realize there was that tacky sticker on the lid.

First is the packaging, and I think its only so so. Since it is a drug store polish I don't expect too much, but if I remember correctly Wet n Wild on a trip had a really nice bottle, and I wish this Diving for Pearls nail polish had that same bottle. It does open easily though, especially with the side grips, although there was a stray hair on the brush, that wasn't great.

This Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls Nail Polish goes on so nicely. Its smooth and opaque without clumping up in the least, and it doesn't crack easily. I didn't have any problems at all with the application. This by the way is only one coat.
diving for pearls wet n wild on nails
As for the color, I wouldn't call it Diving for Pearls, I'd expect that to be a little deeper of a blue, but its still very pretty. And it tried quickly just like that fast dry label said it would. I'd call this a medium cool blue with just a hint of green. There is however a nail polish that has almost exactly the same color minus the sparkle undertone and that's Gorgeous by Sinful Colors.

Overall I really like this nail polish. It goes on well, and only needed one coat. It has a beautiful color even if its exactly the same as what another brand sells. I don't however like that the brush had problems, and that the bottle is so ugly.

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