Review: Spoiled Plastic Flamingo Nail Polish

wet n wild plastic flamingo pink nail enamel
 Its been a long time since I've reviewed a Spoiled by Wet n Wild nail polish, which was Battle of the Sexes but I still love the brand, or is Spoiled a sub-brand since Wet n Wild makes nail polishes simply under that name as well. This Plastic Flamingo polish is a little different, but I still like it a whole lot. It is pretty much problem free in my eyes.

First the packaging. The Spoiled packaging reminds me a lot of the Sinful Colors nail polish, and if you've read those reviews you'd know that's a great thing because I love their bottles. They're round but not so much so that they need to be stored oddly. The brush on Plastic Flamingo is wide and easy to use. The only thing I wish was different, is the handle.

How does it go on? Think of every complement you can think of for a nail polish formula, and Spoiled by Wet n Wild Plastic Flamingo fits the bill. Its smooth and dries is a reasonable amount of time. This nail lacquer does take two coats though to get a very nice look, but I think that's pretty standard.
plastic flamingo on my nails spooled by wet n wild
As for the color, of this Spoiled Wet n Wild nail polish, I couldn't ask for more. Its a great bright neon pink, and I just love that its called Plastic Flamingo. Its not one of those ones that's been sitting out in the yard getting weather beaten, but rather a still in its packaging kind of plastic flamingo.

This is a nail polish I can see myself wearing again, and again for sure. I love neon the fact that its neon and am actually thinking about pairing it with Milani Juicy Glo and Sally Hansen Grass Slippers

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