Review: Spoiled Pirates Booty Nail Polish

spoiled by wet n wild gold nail polish
I've already done a Plastic Flamingo Nail Polish Review, as well as a Battle of the Sexes Nail Polish Review, which was quite a ways back. That means, that its time to do a review over the final Spoiled by Wet n Wild nail enamel that I have, Pirates Booty. If you've read my pervious reviews, you'd know that I love the Spoiled nail lacquers, and Pirates Booty is no exception, its great.

The bottle. I'm not sure what it is about these rounded bottles that I love so much, but to me they look so nice. Sitting on a shelf, or in a drawer (because you'll be able to see the color from above) they're so nice. The brush is very wide and easy to use, and much nicer than a lot of drug store brushes. I only with the handle was easier to hold onto when applying the nail polish.

I was surprised how evenly Spoiled Pirates Booty went on considering it is a glitter nail polish. Normally all the sparkles like to congregate in one area, and refuse to spread out. This polish, isn't a rough glitter like Revlon Glitz & Glam and doesn't have a base coat underneath it. 
pirates booty by wet n wild on my nails
Pirates Booty is a very sparkly gold, and I think Spoiled by Wet n Wild did an awesome job naming it. The glitter is rather small, and has a clear base, so this polish would go well by itself or as a top coat for another color. Looking closely a few of the glitter pieces show up red under the light, which I love because it adds depth to the gold glitter color.

Overall I love this Spoiled by Wet n Wild Pirates Booty Nail Polish. It has an adorable bottle, even if the handle is a little hard to hold onto, one of the best brushes in the drug store market, and a great glitter color. Either alone or with another nail polish, I'm going to be wearing Pirates Booty again for sure.

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