Review: Sinful Colors Gorgeous Nail Polish

green blue sinful colors nail polish
 Just like I said on my Sinful Colors Courtney Orange review, here I am with another Sinful Colors nail polish. This one a much more gorgeous color. It must be in the formula, because I love this blue Sinful Colors as much as its orange sister. Its a great polish and has a lot of things going for it. 

First there is that bottle. The more I see this bottle the more I love it. Sure its not going to look all that great if you have a big display and only one or two Sinful Colors nail polishes, but if you have enough they'll really stand out, and in a drawer they'll be great. Minus the fact that their stickers are on the bottom. The brush was also very nice.

As I'm sure you could have guessed by the introduction this Sinful Colors Gorgeous Nail polish works very well. I did put on one and a half coats (one coat and then touch ups) but if I were a little better with  my painting skills then it would have been an easy one coat. It goes on smooth (and dries that way) doesn't crack, and dries quickly. You can't ask for anything more.
Gorgeous by Sinful colors on nails
Then there's that color. Its a great green blue, and very shiny. Even the camera was able to pick up the shine on my nails. I'd call this a very medium color in terms of shade, and of course being blue it is cool, but the green keeps it from being icy. It is however not an original and is very similar to Wet n Wild's Diving for Pearls

Overall I really love this polish, its a beautiful color, a nice looking bottle, and it goes on so well. After trying out Sinful Colors Gorgeous and its sister, I think that I have a new favorite brand to go to for interesting colors that actually apply nicely.

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