Review: Scentsations Sunshine Flower Lotion and Shower Gel Set

scentsations kohl's body was and lotion set
You might have noticed this Bodysource scentsations Sunshine Flower Gift Set, that has a body lotion, shower gel and loofa in my Kohls Winter Haul, which was a part of my Christmas presents from my parents blog post. Normally I would do a separate review over each of the products, but since all of these are only available as a set I decided to do them together. Plus they're all so good together, why wouldn't you want to get them all.

First is the packaging, and i have to say I like it. The Simple Flower reminds me of something Bath & Body works would do, Like on their Country Apple Body Cream. Both of the bottles, lotion and shower gel, have easy to open twist caps. I also like the added loofa that's stuck behind, everything else. I don't like thought that they bottle caps are glued down to the bottom of the gift sets packaging making it impossible to get off. 

The Scentsations Sunshine Flower Body Lotion. Although I'd say this lotion is fairly runny, it absorbs very quickly. I didn't have to worry about any liquid run off or continually smoothing it around on my skin. The  smell of "sunshine flower" isn't easy to pinpoint. All I can think of is warm and a little spicy, its not overpowering but it does last awhile. After using my skin feels very smooth and soft. 

Bodysource scentsations Sunshine Flower Shower Gel is a supposed to be the same smell, as the lotion, but it just doesn't seem that way. It smells a whole lot more like soap, and the closest product, scent wise I can compare it to is Warm Sunshine Toilette Splash. It comes out clear and lathers amazingly well. 

Then there is the Loofa. I've done a review over the Principessa Shower Loofa, so I figured I should do a review over another pouf. This Scentastions one from Kohl's is so much smaller than any other loofa that I've seen, but its very soft and smooth.

Overall I love this set. The lotion and body wash are great, even if I can't really pinpoint their exact scent, and bother work very well. The loofa is quite nice too, even if a little small, and I'll be using it for sure. The only thing I don't like is the packaging. I mean, it is so stupid that they literally glued in the body lotion and shower gel.

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