Review: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Out

sally hansen extreme wear black out nail enamel
 I just reviewed Cherry red by Sally Hansen  and so its time for my last nail polish review, at least for awhile, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Black Out Nail Polish. There is so much to this name that I couldn't even fit in the title that this is a nail polish, but that's okay, it does have the word nails in it. Anyway, there are a lot of things I really love about this polish, and those pros really do make up for the bad things.

Here's the major bad thing about this Black Out nail polish, the bottle. Its so ugly, and tacky that I just don't like looking at it. There is too much useless information to read, and the cap is hard to open. Plus its shiny and I'm not a fan of shiny caps. Oh and that brush on the inside, really does suck the bristles were going every which way when I opened the cap.

I'm sure after my mini rant about how bad this Sally Hansen Hard as Nails bottle is you're going to think that I also hate the polish inside, but that's not the case. It is a little thick, but it goes on smoothly, doesn't take too long to dry and is super opaque this is only after one coat.
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black out swatches
And here is the Black out nail polish by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails on my toes. Its so black after that one coat that it looks like ink, and I love it. It doesn't chip easily and its shiny, too great things in my opinion. Black nail polishes are harder to find than you'd think so I'm happy I was able to score such a deep black one.

Overall I love the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Out nail polish, but not the bottle it was in. The lid was hard to open, the brush had problems, and the bottle is so ugly. That however is made up by the formula being so nice, easy to use, and only taking one coat to get an ink jet black. 

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