Review: Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

Body Butter perlier imperial honey
 I was given this Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter to review. Its a "marvelous" melting body butter from the rare honey of Black Bees (I do know a little about bees from my beekeeping 101 class)  combined with Royal Jelly, is a true beauty formulation. It nourishes the skin with moisture, leaving it pleasantly scented with sensual notes of Honey and Oriental woods. Perfect to moisturize the skin in the harsh winter and summer months.

The packaging on this lotion is a circular shaped container with a flat top and bottom. The container is all white, except for the lid, which is gold, I think to add to that whole Imperial Honey, part of the body butter. The lid is a screw off one, making it very easy to open and close. 

Normally I'm a really big fan of how Perlier products smell, take for example their Travel Set of Shower Gels and Lotions, everything thing in that set smells so good, and luxurious. The Perlier Imperial Honey Lotion although fancy smell, was a little too strong on the honey for me, the first time I used it but it did grow on me. I have to wonder though if insects would be attracted to it.
body butter perlier honey
Then there is the texture, which is very smooth and thin, which you might or might not be able to tell from the picture above. I'm still working on the best way to show how a lotion looks, so bare with me.  I'd compare the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter in texture Avon Moisture Therapy lotion but just a little fuller. As thin as it was, when I applied it to my legs, I was surprised at how moisturized they felt. Dry and flakey to smooth and soft with one use. 

Overall like every other Perlier product I've tried, I love the Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter lotion. The packaging is unique, and interesting, and even though the smell isn't in my top five, it works so well. I would say this might even be the lotion to use after dry shaving based on how it worked for me. 

You can buy it now on HSN and even use the coupon code iFabbo5 for $5 off. 
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