Review: CVS Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

cvs mouth wash
As it would seem, I found a mouth wash that I don't hate using. This is especially surprising since I'm not all that fond of the taste of mint. And its called CVS AntiCavity Fluoride Rinse, or as I like to say, Mouthwash from CVS. Its not anything super special, but it does have one (or maybe two) cool things about it I want to share.

First there's the packaging which I'm sure you know I don't like. I mean, I always complain about how drug store nail polishes look like they came from a drug store, so why wouldn't I do the same about a mouth wash? Oh and as for that easy pour spout, I can't be the only one who takes their mouth wash right from the bottle. I don't see a problem with it. 

As for the use, I'm no dentist so I can't really say, but my I do know my breath doesn't smell after using this CVS mouth wash so it must be doing a fairly good job. Plus I feel all fresh afterwards, and that's a good thing. The best part about this mouthwash though is that its purple, and as you might now by my Purple Shampoo, and Purple Conditioner I'll do anything from keeping my hair from looking yellow, and I'd like to think the same thing happens when I use this purple mouth was, well, expect for it does it to my teeth instead. 

Overall I love this mouthwash, and will be buying it again. Its this CVS Anticavity Fluoride Rinse is so far the only mouth wash I liked the taste of. Plus its purple which I'd like to think is helping me fight some of the yellowness of my teeth.

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