Review: Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub

clean and clear scrub for black heads
In middle school, I had rather bad acne. By rather I mean, bad enough that in all of my pictures I had at least two full on pimples. As I've gotten older though, I've gotten less in less acne, partially because of my age, and partially because I'm better at taking care of my skin. One thing I have started to notice though are blackheads, I'm sure I got them before, but now they're my problem, I hate them so much I've even used Biore Strips to rip out my blackheads. And then I found something a little more gentle, Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub.

The packaging of this scrub isn't bad. I mean it doesn't look like some fancy luxury product, but it doesn't look nasty either. I like the cool blue color, and the fonts are easy to read. The lid is also easy to open and get the blackhead scrub out. 

As for how it works, I'd say very well, after using this for about a month, twice a week, I've noticed a significant decline in the amount of blackheads I have. It reminds me a bit of the Clean & Clean Morning Burst Scrub, except I'd say that this Blackhead Eraser Scrub is quite a bit stronger, both in cleaning power and smell. It comes out a blue and white for those of you worried about getting a yellow pigment, which is nice. 

Overall I really like this blackhead scrub by Clean and Clear. My problem areas are right below my lower lip, my nose, and right around it, and with the Blackhead Eraser, I've really noticed a difference. You have to be careful though not to use it too much though or else it will dry out the skin. 

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