Review: Candies Royal Navy Nail Polish

Kohls Blue Candies Nail polish
You might remember, since it was only a few days ago that I received this Candies Royal Navy nail polish from a kohl's haul , which was a part of my Christmas Presents from my Parents. Maybe I haven't been in Kohl's for awhile, but since when did they start selling nail polish? I mean, it hasn't been that long since my last trip, so maybe I've just missed it. But I have to say this Candies nail polish isn't half bad.

I'll start out by saying I'm not a fan of the packaging. It looks cheap. The brush is pretty nice but everything else is not. I hate the shiny lid, that's way to hard to open, I mean it hurt my hands. Oh and the color looks so black that's what I thought it was until I read the label on the bottom. That's one thing I like, the color label is on the bottle.

As for the use though I'm fairly impressed. Its a nice one coat color that goes on smoothly, but maybe a little too thick. One full brush, after scraping it against the side was enough for my three biggest finger nails, so that's something to watch for. The smell isn't bad, and dry time is short.
kohls candies royal blue on my nails
The Royal Navy color of this Candies Kohl's nail polish reminds me a lot of Cover Girl Starry Night nail enamel. Although it is a dark blue, it has a nice sparkle underneath it and a shiny finish. Its great. If I were to name this polish myself I'd call it dark night sky. The only blue I like better than this one is the Sinful Colors Gorgeous nail lacquer

Overall I really like this nail polish. It has a great color, and goes on pretty well. I have to say though that I'm not a fan of the packaging, or the price. So unless you're getting this on a sale, which Kohl's always has, I'd go for a drug store brand instead. 

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