Review: Candies Galactic Dust Nail Polish

Kohl's Galactic Dust Nail Enamel
 Yesterday I did a review over Candies Royal Navy Nail Polish, and today I'm going to do the polish that was its sister in the set that was a part of my Kohl's Haul that I got for Christmas.  I have to say that I'm starting to really like glitter polishes and this is one of my favorites. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Well, almost nothing, because I don't like the bottle on this Candies Nail Polish very much. The lid is the worst part, its big plastic and obvious. I much prefer the mac black simple look for covers. I do like though that the color is on a sticker on the bottom of the polish, and the brush is nice too. 

How does this Galactic Dust Nail Polish by Candies work. Its a bunch of big sparkles, that go on a few at a time. It isn't a smooth finish, actually pretty rough, and took too coats for me. It did dry fast.
Galactic Dust by Candies swatches
Then there is the color. I'd call Galactic dust a polish of big silver glitter pieces, if you look closely though that's not all there is. What seems to be a clear undercoat, is filled with tiny little silver sparkles. So think of the opposite of Spoiled by Wet n Wild Pirates Booty both of which I really like right now.

Overall I love this nail polish. If I were to go out on New Years Eve, or really any other party this Candies Galactic Dust Nail Polish would be a go to. It goes on well, is very interesting with both small and big sparkles. The only thing is you can't display this and have it look all fancy.

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