Review: Avon Chic Pink Nail Polish

pink avon nail polish
 Another Avon nail enamel to review, this time its Avon's Chic Pink Nail Polish. It seems like with my latest nail polish reviews, I've been very hit or miss on the Avon nail polishes. Some like Bare Necessity are great, but others like Tuscan Russet aren't quite as great. This Chic Pink nail polish however is giving me mixed feelings.

I'm not sure if I should even do any writing on how the bottle looks but since you could have gotten to this nail polish review via a search engine I'll go ahead. I love it. Its simple easy to store, and sit up right, the cap is easy to open and the brush on the inside is a dream to use. I have nothing, other than the fact my Avon bottle has nail polish all over, which is my fault, to complain about. 

How does it go on you ask? Like most of the over Avon nail polishes I've reviewed, Chic Pink goes on very well. Its smooth, with no splotchy spots, or discoloration, cracks, anything else bad that you can think of. The problem I had Chic Pink is that it is too think. After the first coat it looked like I simply had an odd pigmentation on my nails.
Avon Chic Pink on nails
The color is very shiny on the nails, and very smooth, but its not at all stunning. At first I absolutely hated it. By the time I got around to doing these review though, only a few hours later I've changed my mind. Its a sweet feminine medium slightly cool pink, nothing special, but not bad either. Just a nail polish.

Overall I really do like this nail polish. Its easy to apply and has a nice bottle, and really if it had one more coat a very sweet color. I just wish it were more opaque going on. If you're looking for something a little more purple instead of pink, I'd try Avon Fusion Nail Polish.
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