Picture a week, I couldn't decide at school

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I'll save you from having to read about most of my school day, and just explain a little bit of what happened. Today I learned that my psychology professor is fully tattooed, something he decided would be a good example for a part of his lecture. That's when I remembered that I sort of have a thing for tattoos, and by sort of I mean I really like boys with tattoos, so from now on I'm going to feel slightly awkward around my teacher. It's a good thing he's a little chubby and has a bad personality.

Then I started to work on homework, the engineering was completely awful, but the math wasn't bad at all. If you remember in my post about snow, I mentioned not understanding in class, but after doing a few problems, it wasn't so bad. I guess that's what I get for putting a little effort into it. Then I headed over to the computes to do a little more work.

I was able to do some, but then these two girls who were doing their class scheduling decided to sit beside me and were so loud that I was forced to hear everything they said. Seriously dumb girls. One of them failed a remedial math class four times, and was telling the other girl not to take it because it was too advanced. For her major though, she has to take one above that so I felt the need after sitting silently  and not getting any work done for a long time to add my opinion. The girl who was giving the advice was throughly annoyed but the one receiving actually seemed happy that someone was agreeing with her that she should take a high math class.

Soon after they left, and then so did I, because I had to do my whole picture a week for the Big Hair thing. But with his awesome beanie hat, and my kohl's sweater I looked so good I just couldn't stop taking pictures. Okay, actually I was really bored. Then when I tried to send two to Big Hair my phone kept giving me an error message. I had to connect to the school wifi before I could even get a text out. Might as well be an iPod.

Then later while I was sitting and finishing up some last minute school work, the dumb girl who was giving advice not to take a math class was walking by and I heard her point me out as the girl with the bright blond hair, I have no idea what she said though I'm sure it wasn't nice. Then that Math Class Kid, sat next to me and asked me what my "deal was". At first I thought he was going to confront me about not ever sending him a message back but instead it was to ask me questions about my personal life…
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