Outfit: Oasap Purple Ombre High-Low Sweater

High Low Sweater
I've talked about how cold I feel all the time, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that when I was given more Oasap credits, I immediately put in a this Ombre High-Low Sweater. I also filled my cart with a whole bunch of other awesome Oasap items, but since my credits aren't endless, I couldn't get everything. Which means, that I had to painstakingly take items out of my cart, making very hard decisions. One that wasn't hard to make though is keeping this beautiful sweater.

I love the high low trend, in part because I'm not a big belt wearer and it keeps me all covered in the back, but also because its just so free spirited looking. I feel like a modern day hippie, who showers of course. The purple on the top is a beautiful lilac and reminds me a lot of the color of the Oasap Bow Sweater I got awhile back. The bottom color is a creamy white, and the whole sweater is loosely knitted. The sleeves are 3/4, but I always end up pushing up any sleeve length.

Medium Wash Skinny Jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch Haul
White Tank Top - Kohls Summer Haul
Suede Boots - Juicy Couture
High Low Sweater - Oasap.com 
Gold Necklace - Tiffany & Co

I went with the Abercrombie Skinny Jeans, because honestly they're the most comfortable jeans I have and the look so good on me. The white tank underneath the sweater is a necessity, because it is a little sheer. The suede boots are a pair I've had since I was 16 and, even though they're a little ragged I still love them. As for the gold necklace, who doesn't want to add a piece of Tiffany's to their outfit? Plus it contrasts with the purple so well. I only wish it were a little bigger.

And here's a video of the outfit. Since this is my first video, its pretty bad, but my blog used to be not so good either and look how far I've come! And its hard to do outfit videos so don't be too harsh.
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