October Empties

empty beauty products from october
Can you believe it? Its the second month in a row that I'm doing an empty beauty product blog post. Now I know this doesn't seem like much right now, but 10 months from now, it'll be a pretty big accomplishment if I can keep this going. Since I didn't used up all that many beauty products last month , this may be a boring post for some of you. Actually, in my September empties post I mentioned there would be some conditioner, which ended up being the only products I emptied. 

Vidal Sassoon Conditioner - Although this conditioner works alright, it isn't one of my favorite. I do like that its white in color, and easy to rinse out. I don't like though that it is only a so so conditioner, I mean my hair isn't all that moisturized after use. I don't plan on rebuying this. 

Honey I'm Strong Conditioner -  Like a lot of other herbal essence products, this conditioner works really well. It makes my hair smooth and soft, without holding it down. I really don't like though that its yellow, which could turn my hair more brassy. I doubt I'll be buying this again, although for someone without platinum blonde hair it would be perfect.

Tresemme Moisture Conditioner - I saved the best for last, because I'm absolutely in love with this conditioner. It works very well, I can't think of anything that moisturizes better, or makes my hair more tangle free, it smells good, and best of all its very cheap.

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