November Snow and School Spam

its snow out there
 Getting ready for school this morning, I looked out the window, and saw snow. Like really snow, way better than that flurry stuff that I called the first snowfall. Of course though this wasn't enough snow to play in, but I'm sure you'll be hearing all about that when it happens. There was ice all over the cars, but lucky for me, my father scrapped it all off before I was even awake. So I headed to school, for my first class.

Since I had a test, I planned on getting there early and studying, and I did get there early. I was too busy playing a game to study much although I did look over a few of the vocabulary words. Right after the test was passed out, the (annoying)  woman in front of me spilled her coffee all over the floor (after setting it down there to begin the test) and didn't even notice. So when I finished the test, which didn't seem too bad, I was so afraid of stepping in it. 

Then I took a nap in my car, for a little longer than normal. It was right at freezing, but the car wasn't too cold. I did keep on my winter coat, and had two blankets which probably helped my situation. I did take a picture of my nest, but somehow it got deleted.
spam from school
Then when I came back inside, before my engineering test I received an email from the school book store, and of course it was an advertisement. I don't care at all that there is a "fall fashion event" which consists of Champion clothes being 25% off. Its a school book store, so its still very over priced. The worst part is that I can't put them is spam because that's where I have to buy some of my books.

Then I received my engineering paper back, and was so confused about my math class. Later, maybe tomorrow, I'll have a rant up about that whole engineering project.

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