November Oasap Order & Giveaway

*Giveaway at END of Post

As it would seem another month has past, I've been gifted some great clothes from OASAP, and I've taken pictures and done write ups in all of them. You know what that means, another OASAP gift card giveaway, this one for $50. 

OOTD of Hanna Marie

Although there are three pictures here of Oasap items, in reality I only had two on this order, but since it is getting chilly out I decided to do a Black Fall Weather Outfit featuring the cat eared hat I had been given by OASAP previously.  Even though this photo has dark eye makeup and red lips, my boyfriend seemed to love it, I think because the cat hat made it still fun.

The next item, is the Purple Bow Sweater, and although it isn't the softest ever, I'm completely smitten with it. The bows actually stick out from the sweater (don't worry they're well attached) and its so sweet looking. Perfect for that romantic girly look.

The last clothing piece I got was this Japanese Wave Print dress, based on a famous japanese art piece. It isn't exactly like it, more like an inspired by, which is even better. Its made of super smooth and stretchy fabric, and would be perfect for a curvy girl.

Now for the giveaway, which as I mentioned before, is for a $50 online gift card to You can buy dresses, shirts, jeans (really anything clothing), purses, scarfs, shoes, and even makeup with this giveaway. To enter basically be a follower of me and enter.

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