No, You Can't Borrow My Flute

expensive professional flute
I did go to school today, and actually was going to do a post about this, but as it turned out that today I have something a little more interesting to talk about, someone who's completely buay paiseh that as you can tell by the title of the post wanted my flute.

A few minutes after I came home I received a text message from a girl, Morgan, I haven't talked to since graduating high school asking if that was still my number, and then she went straight to asking if I still had my flute. First off I figured she was trying to buy it from me, because after I quit playing it a few of other people had asked me about it. But no she was"looking into getting a flute" like mine but the music store didn't "have it in stock" so she was "wondering " if she could "try it out for a few days". When she asked I couldn't believe it.

I hadn't talked to her is probably a year, and it had been two years since we had hung out. And when we did she wasn't even my friend, she literally hated me, in part because of the hot Big Hair, and always talked bad about me. Not that it really bothered me, because to be honest she didn't have all that many friends, and her hate seemed to be fueled my jealousy. I was a little taken back though.

That was until I remembered the time that Morgan had tried to convince me to let her borrow a pair of designer shoes I had, she was already putting them on when she asked. Lucky for me though, she's two sizes bigger than me in the feet. Oh and that one time that she used two coach bags, similar to my pink leather coach bag , that a friend, Crystal, had gotten for her birthday. She used them for two weeks and brought them back all nasty.

In case you didn't guess this already, I didn't let her borrow my flute, because "borrow" would have ended up as her keeping it. Not only that but her whole wanting to buy one like it is complete crap. I know what flute she's talking about, and mine is the high end version of that. Meaning it isn't even the same thing. Morgan has always had this obsession with seeming like she is rich, and of course I wasn't  going to be a part of that. Plus I've always been told don't let someone borrow something  you can't afford to replace, and considering my flute is rose gold, and a really nice piece, both of which equate to expensive, I can't afford to let her borrow it. 

*Update* She just texted me back saying asking if she'd be able to borrow it some other time since she "isn't in a hurry". Evidence she didn't want to buy her own.

And here's a video of me playing it. 

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