No Talking on the Phone, that Didn't Work

Hanna Marie Lei
Since yesterday was Thursday, and I went to school, I figured I could talk a little about my day. Nothing super interesting happened, that is until I got home, but I'll get to that a little later on. I'll admit though, that the main reason I decided to do this school day post, is because I took this picture, and it's so nice looking, I couldn't waste it! But on with my day.

My father woke me up early in the morning to tell my that there was ice/frost all over the cars, you see that night it rained, and then later it got below freezing. He scrapped a little off for me (such a nice man)  but thought I should know I'd have to warm it up in the morning. Getting ready, I didn't have much do to but it seemed that some how I left later than I did on Tuesday. Everyday its later and later.

It seemed though that I'm not the only one who's getting in later, because there wasn't anyone in the class until 10 minutes before, and then about 1/3 of the class was missing. When we were sitting there, I realized the paper I had done last night didn't print out right and about two paragraphs were too faded to read. I turned it in anyway and will wait for him to notice and tell me to give him a new copy I guess.

Then I sat around and hung out until my math class. I did a lot of my homework, got a snack and then tried to study math concepts. I was too tired to concentrate though, and so I went to my car to take a nap. When I came out it was a little warmer so I left my winter coat out there, and came back in.

By then it was almost time for class, so I went to the vending machine and headed there with a friend.  Since I had been playing games on my phone it was almost out of battery so I turned out and sat through class. After class I really had to go to the bathroom and while I was there I took the picture above as the weekly photo for Big Hair, wearing something from my Kohls Summer Haul that he seemed to like very well, complementing how I looked twice. 

That brings me to when I texted him, to ask if we were talking on the phone that night, he messaged me back saying that we could after midnight, which was about the time I received his message about having a music thing, that was sent at 11:30, the same time as I received the message about borrowing my flute, but I didn't receive either until 7:00. Big Hair canceled on me two days in a row on our weekly phone talking. I feel like that should have meant a cancelation of the weekly Hanna Lei picture, but alas it was too late thanks to my broken phone.
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