No More Online Game Play

laptop with apple
Earlier today I just look my last final, so, school's out for winter break. I haven't looked yet to see exactly how long my winter break is, but I know I'm good for all of December. I've decided with the end of my semester I have a goal that I'm going to try and keep. Yes I know most people wait until the new year to start new goals, but this one is urgent… My goal is to stop playing online games

I play so many, and for so much time of my day, when I could be doing so many other things. Like last week when I was supposed to be studying for my finals I spent half the time checking my games, because I play those kind of games. You know what I'm talking about. The games that are commutative, I guess because I feel like I'm getting somewhere. But from now on, I'm going to stop playing Suburbia, a game that takes at least ten minutes a few days a week, Dark Throne, which takes 6-7 minutes everyday, Village life, which is 15 minutes at least five days a week, StampedeRun that I play probably a total of thirty minutes a day, and Runescape, which I sometimes spend hours playing. Oh and lets not forget Neopets, even though I've been doing really well at not playing that game recently. 

Although the amount of time I've estimated that I play online games everyday doesn't seem like much, it really adds up. I have so many things that I'd rather be doing with my time, so many things I'd like to achieve, and I can't do that if I'm constantly tied to my computer. So I've pretty much destroyed my accounts by spending all their currency, and deleting things, as well as taking their apps off my phone. So hopefully I can stay away. 
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