My Christmas Presents to Big Hair

what I'm giving my boyfriend
Christmas is only a few days away, and I just finished up wrapping my presents for my boyfriend. You see Big Hair and I are doing our Christmas stuff on December 23. Lucky for me though, all of my presents came in with plenty of time, and that's without using rush shipping. Unlike everything I bought him for Valentines day because I was so late to order. Overall I'm pretty happy with what I got, not so happy with the wrapping paper choice, though I'm not sure if he'll like it. He's just so particular, but I know he'll pretend to enjoy it, which I guess is good enough. I feel I did a good job with his Birthday Presents...
uk grey shoes for boyfriend
The first thing, listed in the order of how much I like them for Big Hair  are these Fred Perry Kingston Twill Tipped Sneakers. Big Hair has been wearing these red Toms for so long that they look terrible worn out and nasty, so I thought I'd do him the favor of buying new shoes. The best part is that they have laces, so he can go hiking in Brown County with me with sort of proper shoes. 

I am a little worried about if they'll fit, considering I kept forgetting his shoe size whenever I'd ask him so it'll totally be my fault if they don't However Zappos (where I bought the shoes) has a good exchange policy so it shouldn't be any issue.
lush holiday set
Then there is this. Originally I had wanted to get a Christmas set from Fortune cookie soaps, but they were all sold out of what I wanted (the least girl things in the shop) so I ended up getting this Mr. Frosty from Lush instead. Its a bath time thing that has three different bath balms, and since he likes baths I figured it was the perfect thing. And I think everyone loves snowmen.
bath robe for boyfriend
To end out my gifts for the Big Hair is this bath robe. To tell the true I bought this for his birthday to go with a pair of slippers I was buying him, but it ended up that they didn't match so I forgot about this robe in my closet until a few weeks ago. It has a unique texture to it that I'm thinking he'll like. Although normally I don't think he is a fan of bath robes he'll have to make an exception. 

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