Monkey Fist Maker, What to do with Parachute Cord

what to do with parachute cord
As one of the Christmas presents from my parents, I received this kit to make a monkey fist out of parachute cord. Although I do like doing arts and crafts sort of things, I'm normally not into these kind of complicated crafts. I do get though that these cord type of things are very popular. It has something to do with people thinking they're all survival tactical things, which is very in right now. I'm not sure how much this type of thing would help you, but whatever. 
what to do with parachute cord
The first thing that has to be done is the wood pieces have to be set up. Then you put the ball in and wrap around four times. Then you switch by going under and do that side five times. Then you switch again and do one more side, also five times. Then you're done with all the wrapping you're going to do, and the directions get a little tough. You have to work the monkey fist into a ball shape, because you weaved it into a square. As you can see I did a pretty good job with this, but then I had no idea how to finish it off with the key chain they provided.

So I ended up taking my monkey fist apart. I think that the next time I try out doing this Parachute Cord craft I'll have a little nice looking project, and it actually is quite cute. I guess I'll just have to look up how to finish it off and add on the key chain attachment. 

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