Making Plaid Christmas Tree Stockings

Plaid embroidered Christmas Stocking
 For Christmas this year, my mother decided to make brand new stockings for everyone.  By everyone I mean one for my mother, my father, me, and this year for the first time ever Big Hair. These were made with left over fabric that she had sitting around. Not quite as recycled as the cat shaped dog toy I made because the outside plaid is actually fabric, but the liner and cuff are from a jacket.
Christmas stocking guide
First up is the cutting out of everything. Since this is a pretty simple stocking to make you can simply fold the fabric piece in half and line up the pattern to the side and cut out one. Then do the same ting with the lining, and sew the two pieces together. The hardest step is up next, and that's pressing out the seams. Then pin the pieces together, folding them right side out and cut out the cuff. If you want a name on it, its going to have to be embodied before going on, and then just sew it on and fold it down.

I'm very happy with how these stocking turned out and even used one yesterday for my boyfriend, although I didn't blog about what was in Big Hair's I did blog about what my boyfriend gave me for Christmas and What I gave my boyfriend. They aren't hard stocking to make, are very sturdy, and with the plaid color these Christmas stockings are very cute.

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