Making Little Sugar Breads

little sugar breads

Its the Christmas season, and although I did make pumpkin bars, and pumpkin spice cookies  for the fall, I've yet to do anything for Christmas, or even the winter baking wise. So I guess you could say this is the first of the year, good thing I'm getting to it, because Saturday I have to give a whole box of baked things to make. These however aren't a part of the list, and were actually something that I made with my grandmother. They're Christmas cookies that roughly translate to "little sugar breads" and are a german traditional cookie.

how to make little sugar breads
When I arrived, my grandmother had almost finished the dough, so I have no idea how that's made, but I did have to stir it quite a bit to mix in the sugar. Then eight eggs were added as well as some flour and baking soda, and a tad bit of vanilla.  Then it was time to roll out the cookies and cut them, luckily they cut out much nicer than those bat cookies I made

Using the egg whites I had to beat them for icing, and I was surprised how white they became, after adding a little sugar and then smashed nuts it was ready to go. Add that to the egg yellow for an egg wipe.  So I did a quick wipe all over the egg and dumped on a spoonful of icing. 

The next cookies just needed the glaze and sprinkles on top. The last which are my grandfather's favorite are put in plain and then an egg white and sugar icing is put on them as soon as they come out of the oven. These cookies aren't really my favorite things to eat, I prefer softer cookies, but making them with my grandmother was great.

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