Making a Coral Bead Necklace

Hanna Lei coral necklace
 If you remember in my post where I talked about what my boyfriend gave me for Christmas I mentioned that I had been looking for a piece of jewelry, well that was very true. On that day I went to three jewelry stores in the mall, and then ended up at Saks Fifth Avenue because "Nobody Hates Saks". When I first started looking around, none of the jewelry was what I wanted.  Everything was either too gaudy or simply not my tastes, but as I was getting ready to leave, I saw a beautiful pink necklace sitting in the back. 

The sales person got it out for me, and said that it was coral with a white gold clasp. She also said they didn't know the designer because its in the vintage collection. When I went to the mirror, I saw how pretty it was, it complemented my skin nicely and was perfect length. I was thinking it was up to $500 a little more than my budget but, something I could convince my parents to get. They were thinking about $350. When the sales woman said the price was over $1200, I was a little shocked, and quickly moved on. 

In the end I found the Tiffany's Bow Earrings that I really love, but I couldn't help but think that I, or rather my mother could make that coral bead necklace for a lot less money. So we headed to the bead store, bought the coral for under $20 and a silver clasp and went to work. On the inside we used silver wire, instead of the knot technique.  
a necklace making guide
First there is the wire, you take all the beads and string them on. This isn't too difficult to do at all, except when you find a bead that wasn't quite cut out correctly. Then you kind of have to work it though. After this the slightly harder part comes putting the closers on. Although I know how to do this part, I normally pass it over to my mother. You string on the piece, and then use two crimp beads. After that you have to then string the rest of the wire into your coral beads to support it, then do the same thing with the other side. 

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