Making Cheesedog Crescents

easy hot dog dinner
 It seems that a few times a week my mother complains that its only her that does the cooking. I always offer to start the dinner if she calls me and tells me what she wants but since she tends to think of what to have for our meals after she already comes home, it never happens. That's why I was so surprised when the other day she put me in charge of making dinner. And I have to say that overall I did pretty well. Even if this is a dinner that children can make. 

I used to make these or rather help make them at a church thing I went to with my cousin so I guess my mother thought I'd be capable of making them now and bought the crescent rolls, sliced cheese and hotdogs for me to work with. Its pretty simple from there open the crescent package, which I had a lot of trouble with. They never seem to want to pop open for me, and I had to use a knife, then unroll the dough. 

Place a hotdog on top, first wipe it off if it was wet and then put in some cheese. Its better if you cut the hotdog down the middle and put the cheese in the inside that way it doesn't' run anywhere, but at the time my father was watching and instructed me to just roll it up. I guess he was afraid that I'd mess even this up, I mean I guess my Chocolate Bat Cookies turned out pretty bad. But I'm a pro at making these hot dog cheese crescent roll things.
hot dog recipe
Then you just eat it. As you can tell mine were in the oven a little too long, but other than that they were good. The broccoli's healthiness evens out the unhealthy hot dog, and only so so for you fries. Overall I did like making these, and honestly they'd be a grew thing to have a six or seven year old make, just to get them familiar with cooking.
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