Making A Bear Birthday Card

making your own card
My Father's Birthday was a few days ago so the night before I went to work making him a home made birthday card.  I've made my own Thank You Cards before, but this birthday card was quite a different process. The end results, as you can see kind of look like something a young child would do, but for my first time, I don't think its bad at all. Plus since its for my father, he's going to love it no matter what.

The first step was deciding what to make, and I saw this party bear and thought he'd be cute. He was in dye form, we have a  crank cutter, and came with a party hat and present, although I didn't end up using either or them. I then cut out the card shape that I wanted and then got all my colors for the bear ready.

I put all the papers together inside the dye cutter and then the dye cutter with a plastic piece over the top. Then I used the hand crank and rolled it out. After that I had all of these different color bear and I had to take pieces from each one to get what I wanted.

The process honestly wastes quite a bit of paper, but for more complicated designs like this you have to do it. The bear would look so awkward if he was all the same color. Unless it was black and you were pretending he was some kind of shadow. Then you get the pieces out that you want and glue them on to the card.

After this I wrote out happy birthday, it would have been too time consuming to do all the letters out, and added a bee on it. I didn't have a finished picture with the bee, but its just a simple one that my father always liked. I'm pretty sure they're his favorite insect.
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