Life Photos: Purple for Green Christmas

Face of a Blogger
It would seem that I'm getting a little better at taking pictures of my face for these everyday life photo posts, other things not so much. But I am improving. This first photo is of my look when I went to Conner's Family Christmas . Although I'm not wearing any makeup I did curl my hair and am wearing purple contacts. Somehow though I ended up looking so doll like. Oh yeah and I wore that purple bow sweater

Next are two photos of me wearing a vegan sweatshirt that I got for being a part of the PETA2 street team awhile back. I also got a veggie burger shirt, in the near future I'll talk more about the whole street team thing on a main post. I have to say though that I love how my face looks in both of these photos. 

Then there is a photo I don't like. This was taken, by me of course, at my little grandparents Christmas . See I don't wear any makeup and don't normally do my hair so I have no idea why sometimes I look so nice and other times I look really bad.

Here's more proof of the bad photo look I have going when I did my Rose Coat OOTD . Looking at those photos, I realize that I really do need to work on this whole weight loss thing. I'm not at a bad place now, but I'm right on the edge of starting down the slippery slope.

Last is a photo I took that I think is very cute. I used it for my Christmas Eve post  but that isn't when it was actually taken. I think its been awhile for it. Maybe right when I got on break.

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