Life Photos: Money, School, Home and Indy

The biggest photo is a five dollar bill that I'm sure I used to buy vending machine snacks. I tried really hard not to buy stuff from those silly things, but it was so hard. It doesn't matter now because school's out for winter break. And I've started my diet.

Then there is my engineering paper, that has a ton of red marks all over it. This was that annoying Austin kid's paper. It took me two weeks to get it done but I fixed it all and added enough points to get our grade up to an A. Because of this hard work I ended up with an A in the class. If it wasn't for that I'm not sure I could have done it.

Then there is a picture of my fire place, and since it doesn't mean anything at all I'm going to move on the that Stand Up comedy poster. People like to place ads on the tables, I get annoying ad emails at school too. Anyway I took a picture of this because the tickets were so expensive, for a guy I had never heard of.

The last two pictures are of Indy the cat. I've done a few posts that include her, but although Simon the Cat  has his own post, Indy does not. Its kind of silly because other than that time she tried to bite me, she's a much better cat friend. 
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