Life Photos: Filtered Face Photos Freshman

my freshman face
Now as it would seem, my first semester is done. I'm waiting on one more class to put its grades in, but I shouldn't have done too bad. This first photo, and the one at the top right were taken and sent to Big Hair on one of those days that I was super bored waiting for him. Since I don't wear a lot of makeup or do too much with my hair, I'm always ready very early for him to come visit me. 

Next is a picture that I took the last day of my Chemistry 101 class  that I took for literally no reason. As you can see from this angle my features look very soft, which is how they tend to look in person. For my nose its okay, but I wish I had nice cheekbones and a chin. When I get old I know I'm going to have a double. 

On the bottom is a picture that I have no idea about so I'll more on to the super dark one. Its supposed to me Big Hair and I at the Christmas play, but it was so dark and they had all these weird light things going on that you can only see my face. I'd say I look pretty good though.

Last is a picture of me, in my Abercrombie High Low Sweatshirt, right after I did the review for the COVERGIRL Clean Whipped Foundation. That stuff, as nice as it is, was so hard to get off my face. I guess that's a good thing though in some ways.
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