Life Photos: Current State Of My Bed

my life photos
The largest photo is the most recent, and is as the title says, the current state of my bed. Since I don't have a desk in my room, and instead have a very large, very comfortable bed, I've been here almost all day simply writing away. The foundation and lotion are from my Covergirl Clean Whipped Foundation Video and Review, and those stuffed animals are always on there. There's also some clothing and nail polish that are going to be written about that have made their home on my bed.

Then on the bottom left is my Sparkly Winter Boots that I'm loving right now. They keep my feet so warm its unbelievable, not to mention they're simply adorable. I'm very glad they were given to me, and you will probably see them in a few future outfit videos.

Next is my fingers. I had just done my Revlon Glitz & Glam Nail Polish Review  and I noticed this chip in my nail polish. I went back and added something to my post about it, but I'm so upset. This was my favorite polish, and its glitter so it should have these problems.

Next is a picture of a Christmas tee with blood vials all over it. This is from when that incompetent woman bruised my arm while trying to take my blood. Days later its still bruised and hurts when I touch it. Thanks lady.

Next is from the Christmas Play I saw with Big Hair. Yes I know you aren't supposed to recored or take pictures of live performances, and I didn't. This picture was taken long before they started. I just liked the fake snow so much that I had to document it.

Last is a picture of a sample of shampoo that I got in the mail. I had meant to do a full review over it, but with finals and everything I didn't have the chance to do it right after I used it. So by now I've pretty much forgotten all the things about it, so its too late!
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