Life Photos: Chemistry 101

My chemistry class work
Amazingly, my semester is finally over, today as I talked about in my post about No More Online Games, was my final day of Chemistry 101. This isn't a class that goes towards that mechanical engineering major that everyone seems to think I should get, but rather a prerequisite for Chemistry 105, which does go towards that degree. Since I didn't take chemistry in high school ( I was a physics girl) I'm having to do it now. Things really do catch up to you.

These are some of the papers that I took pictures of that way I could look at them any time to work on memorization. There were probably fifteen more over the course of this fall semester, but until the end I was deleting them as I no longer needed them. These actually might just be the last two chapters that I needed. 

Anyway, about that class. We did do a few fun experiments, but nothing like building a tower or a balloon hover plate thing  but still kind of fun to watch. This class was so hard though. It was supposed to be a hybrid, so we only met once a week for two hours (and were allowed to leave after attendance was taken) and it was so hard to pay attention in class, the professors's voice was too soothing and it was way too early. 

And I had to do so many flashcards and notes for this class it was ridiculous. A little over half way through the course the tests magically became easier though as he realized too many people were failing. He's just a little too smart with his medical doctor degree and master's in chemistry. I mean who does that.

Anyway, I ended up with either an A- or an A depending if he has mercy on me, which I'm really hoping he does, because I want a high GPA. Please?
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