Life Photos: Calculus 165

final study stuff for calculus
Do not let the above either overwhelm or scare you like it has me. Its all of the papers that I used to study for my final exam for Calculus class. Note that this doesn't include my notes from class, note cards I made, or tests that I printed out to work on my own. So with all that you can image how much paper I have for just one test. Much more than everything from Chemistry 101, and I can tell you I spent a lot more time over the semester studying for Calculus than Chemistry.

This class has stressed me out from the very beginning. Its not just that its hard, which it is very much so, but its also so important. I have four more of these type of math classes to go, and they all build upon each other so I've been trying to "set a strong foundation", plus math just stresses me out. Especially how I barely passed math this summer. I'm so glad I did though because I wouldn't have been able to take this class now. 

Although I would have loved to get an A in this calculus class, I'm happy with what I have. I've learned a lot from the class, and I'll be able to be on track with the Engineering degree if that's what I decide to do. Thanks to this class, I have no trouble asking to make a study group, visiting the ARK even if there is one rude ARK tutor and there are plenty of people from the class that I like. 
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