Is this the right way to take pictures

Girl with blue tint

Hanna Lei blogger
I was watching television the other day and a woman was talking about the best way to take a picture. She was saying to hold your phone up and at an angle to take the picture, so today I tried it. I thought about using it for a picture a week to Big Hair, but since he didn't want talk to me on the phone yesterday, I'm retaliating by withholding my awesome pictures. I have to say though I don't think that woman was right because I really like the first one better. The second one, using her advice makes me look like a six year old. Plus even though I had the texturizing sea salt spray my hair doesn't look particularly awesome. 

Starting out my day, it was raining so I wore my Abercrombie Sweatshirt and even with the rain I managed to get to school by a decent time. I played a few games of running with friends, while listening to everyone complain about the teacher, and then ended up having a nice lecture in class. Basically all we did was watch a documentary about a monkey who was super smart. He used board with symbols to communicate with people.

Then I took an extra long nap in my car, about an hour and a half, before going inside to study my math. I of course was busy with both the vending machine and my phone, so I didn't get done as much studying as I wanted. It would seem I have a lot of studying to do this weekend up to tuesday. 
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