I stole a Mexican's Hat

 Yesterday was my hang out day with Big Hair. Since he didn't get home until 2:30 that morning, due to some music thing with a cougar we didn't end up hanging out until ten. Like usual we started the day at my house but really didn't stay that long. There was supposed to be a storm later, and it seemed like his sister wanted us there. Plus I was hungry and wanted to go out and get something. So after being at is house for awhile, and getting tired of hearing about the band thing he wants to do we finally left to get the pizza. 

Then since it seemed like the storm wasn't coming for awhile we headed to see the new house that his sister and her boyfriend, really fianc√© now that my dream girl is engaged. When she showed  us the pictures online, I wasn't at all impressed, but then we drove by. It looked so cute in person. I had thought it was in my aunt's neighborhood, but her's is the next street over. On the way back in the car, I almost killed Big Hair in the car trying to get his phone, but by the time we arrived at our destination, I had gotten tired.

The destination was Big Hair's parents new house that's being built. I think they like to check almost daily but I hadn't been in two weeks so I was interested to see it. Going in it was so muddy that I couldn't help but step in it. Then, sitting there was this awesome Mexico hat. It smelled a little like sweat but I didn't care, and proceeded to put it wear it around. Then the Big Hair's sister took pictures.
adjust that hat

Hanna Lei with hat
We checked out a few other houses, only going into one and then headed back to his house since it seemed the storm was finally coming. My boyfriend and I, probably just me in reality, got tired of watching the weather channel so we went in the basement to play Grand Theft Auto. But he couldn't find it so we played Mario Party on the nintendo 64. Then I guess the storm passed and his sister and her whatever came down. 

After awhile we headed to my house to hang out. My plan was to play Halo, but since Big Hair is much better than me he ended up playing it most of the time. Oh and that hat, I brought it with me kind of by accident, so next week I'm going to take it back with an attached note. 

On Me: Peplum Polka Dot Top, Pink Abercrombie Jeans, Von Maur Boots, Body Glove iPhone Case , Mexico Hat
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