I don't like you Austin

Blonde Girl in winter coat
This morning on accident, I slept in by about 20 minutes. I heard my alarm go off and turned it off, but instead of getting up, I decided to just "lay in bed" for a few minutes. Of course I ended up falling asleep, but my mother came and woke me up so I didn't end up missing any classes. There was also a thick layer of frost on my car, delaying me even further.

Nothing happened in my first class, but afterwards I went to see my engineering teacher because I couldn't figure out what I was even supposed to find. The only thing I could get was something he provided. When I talked to him, he of course thought it was hilarious because he had given us the answers so we could check ours.

Then I sat with a friend and started to finish up my homework. After doing that, which turned out to be very easy I tried to work on the engineering project that a kid in my class, Austin, completely screwed up. Even my friend, an older engineering student couldn't figure out how to even fix his mistakes. Then by chance he came and sat down by us.

At first he acted like he would fix the work himself, and that it must have been our teacher who showed him wrong when he had asked for help. The thing is the teacher told me he never actually went in to get help, and he ended up deciding he didn't want to do the work, so on Wednesday it seems I have plans. Then later on with a bigger group after the engineering class where I had to stand on a two by four we were working on math and this Austin kid tried to tell me I was getting the answers wrong, ones I knew were correct.

When another friend walked into math class, he knew I was super annoyed. I'd like to think I'm pretty hard to read but after four hours I guess my annoyance was pretty obvious.

 Oh and you know that picture of Stealing the Mexico Hat with Big Hair, its my background now! I seriously love that picture, and of course the boy in it. And the above picture wasn't taken today, but rather a picture a week.

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